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The CHS Test
Patience is always trendy
Listen to music or the birds singing
Qigong, Tai Chi or Yoga
Good relationships
Cultural events
Let out the child
Say that they are important
Accept foes
Protect nature
Embrace emotions
Rather in team
Avoid anger
Listen well
Be emphatic
Be in the now, be happy
Unexpected favor every day
Pick a fear to work on
Give something back
Top-down habits
Think over the day
Pursue perfection
Get better
Learn languages
Boost vocabulary
Excavate life purpose
Professional goals
Financial goals
Good memory is sexy
Learn new skills
Get better in that hobby
Think positively
Hold those plans
Move that body
Minimal meat
Avoid sugar
Go organic
Minimal alcohol!!
Choose being a minimalist, it is trendy
Breathing exercises
Good posture
Conscious eating
Water, the best medicine
Be stylish
Avoid the invisible enemy

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