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You have to get naked before you enter the most holy sacrament

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Istvan Szabo - You have to get naked before you enter the most holy sacrament.


We are born naked and we also get naked when we quit the human skin at the fall of life. Similarly, if we want to achieve a significant breakthrough in our spiritual progress, the ego-sheath has to go, otherwise we cannot pass through the narrow gate, leading to the enlightenment.

The ego is the dress of our infinite, spiritual inner self. It is our projected characteristics towards the outer world and ourselves. Its role is to protect our inner self from injuries and to guide us safely in the mysterious labyrinth of Reality. The inner self is, though, an eternal consciousness and cannot be destroyed, consequently does not need protection. Still we build up an ego throughout our life, starting in our younger ages as part of our personal development. Unfortunately, in a world, based on false values like money and power, also the ego is hardened on a false ground. Early traumas and high expectations further add to this phenomenon, increasing the bias within our ego personality and the true inner values.

If we would get out of the balance, our life will try to send warning messages. Anger, frustration, broken relationships and sicknesses are all part of the warning system which try to steer us into the right direction, to the direction of perfect harmony. As massive the false ego gets, as bigger are the forces which try to gravitate us back to harmony.

What is harmony though? You may say that it means something different for everybody, and you are generally right. However on the basic level it is the same. Harmony requires a balance among physical, emotional and mental life. If any of the three is seriously neglected, tangible corrective forces will occur in our life. We may recognize them as part of a super intelligent signaling system or we may just consider them irritating difficulties and neglect them. This later may push us even more into the imbalance until we cannot neglect the warning anymore and we will be forced to deal with it. Harmony is also the unconditional love and accepting that everything is part of us, and if I hurt another (human) being, it is equivalent to hurting myself.

The ultimate condition of a perfectly harmonious moment is to step beyond our ego-sheath. When we get immersed in a sweet conversation or forget about ourselves by watching a piece of art, those are the perfectly harmonious moments…and the whole life can be such a moment.

The perfect harmony is available for everyone. It is also called nirvana or enlightenment. It does not necessary need to be, though, a holy terminology coupled with eternal life and halo around our heads. Smaller enlightenments can happen numerous times throughout our life when we truly understand the above detailed principles and we align our life with them. But to this permanent harmony the way is not through the classical values, offered by our society and favorized mainly in a form of money and material objects or success. Small enlightenments may be seemingly insignificant moments when you might be alone, maybe broken hearted, maybe by walking a forest lonely and when you manage to take off your ego or when life breaks it off with a sickness or by taking something important from you. When you are just there, standing, crying, naked, missing something what might have carried some value before. But somewhere inside your deepest, eternal spiritual self you know that you made one step closer to yourself and you have not lost anything, you can not even lose anything, only win.

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