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Yinyang and the cancer


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Istvan Szabo - Yinyang and the cancer


According to the ancient Chinese philosophy yin and yang symbolizes the nature of life which is controlled by Tao, the inherent truth of everything. Yin is the contraction, the dark, the scary while yang is the extension, the light and the generous. In the manifested world everything has a yin or a yang nature. The sunrise is yang, the sunset is yin; breathing in is yang, exhaling is yin; the canopy of a tree is yang, the root is yin; eating is yang, starving is yin; health is yang, sickness is yin. We have to understand that yin and yang are not really opposites but different manifestations of the same quality. How that “quality” expresses itself in a given moment – as a yin or a yang – it depends on the environment and its impacts on that “quality”.

Yin and yang never exist without each other. If I want to take yin from the equation, I will kill the yang. If I want a tree without a root, I will kill the tree. If I would want to create a perfectly healthy human, entirely isolated from everything what is bad for the organism, I would merely kill the individual.

An other important feature of the yin and yang is that they are in constant move. In yang there is the growing seed of yin, and in yin there is the expending seed of yang. They grow in each other until one of them takes over the other’s position completely. Now probably, my dear reader, you already know what I would like to express. If not, let me then continue. Having a cancer and being healthy are both manifestations of a deeper quality of what we are. While we are healthy, our body constantly produces cancer cells which are then destroyed by our immune system. This is yang which contains the germ of yin. If we have a good life, then this yang state can last even more then a hundred year. However, they are always in constant change, so if the life conditions become favorable for the cancer, it will take over the control, and the yin state will rule the human with the hope that it can be cured (the yang seed).

Ok, this is a nice analogy but quite useless without the “so what” part of the message. First of all, we have to accept that health, beauty and perfection are not the only features of our existence. The pain, the suffering and the sickness are also very important parts of our life and without them we would not be here. We have to change our relationship to pain, suffering, sickness, frustration, anger and disappointments. If we continuously try to cover the unpleasant or behave as if the "negative" part would not exist, or maybe we rather take a pill to solve something immediately, instead if really digging down to solve a certain problem, then we oppress the yin in our life, empowering the yang which only means that the balancing force will be even harsher at the end.

An excellent way to balance the yin and yang in our life is doing sport. Sport hurts for the body, it destroys some muscle cells and it is usually painful, especially when we start doing it. But this attracts naturally more yang, so after the sport the body becomes happier and more powerful. Eating less sugar decreases the level of yang which also helps to consciously hinder the impact of a bigger yin invasion later. Keeping a constant healthy diet is also a great way to balance the yang with a pinch of yin. Avoiding abundance and appreciating what we have is similar to the previous.

Most of all, my dear reader, please conduct a conscious lifestyle and be aware of the natural flow of yin and yang in your life. Do not artificially try to increase the yang in your life if you enter a yin event. Take it, go over it, learn from it and wait for the yang again. Be conscious instead of forcing life to behave according to your own will. It never will. You can master surfing on the waves, but you will never be able to force the sea to create only raising waves.

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