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The quantum jump


Photo by Pexels on Pixabay


Istvan Szabo - The quantum jump


So, how life flows around us? We learn, get a job, get promoted in the job, make a nice family and slowly, gradually, we step from one level to another. Wrong!!! Even if we have a nice, fat goal, life never goes in a straight line towards that. It progresses in quantum jumps. But what is quantum jump? If electrons are exposed to energy - for example to photon radiation - the electrons can absorb the energy, then they jump one level up. This phenomenon is called quantum jump. It is a scientifically justified fact that electrons can occupy only certain energy-levels, and they cannot be between those levels. When they "jump", they suddenly disappear from one level and they appear on the next level, and when exactly they do this, it is a kind of probability. Hey, but do not worry, in quantum world, probabilities are very well under control.

One example from my life when I was looking for job. Three years nothing, then exactly in the same week, I got two very similar and very attractive offers. Quantum jump. Life happens in quantum jumps as well. If there is no progress despite of our blood and sweat, it means nothing. Success might be lurking behind the corner. Give up if you want, if you hate it, but be sure that no success or no interest towards your effort means nothing. It is only a test of your endurance. If it is your cup of tea, if you love it or if you have to, you are going to continue. So, next time when you wanna give it up - just think about it. That is exactly where you might be just a small step before the saturation point, where everything changes and all accumulates into an avalanche from one moment to another. If that thing matters for you, do not give up. Maybe you have a new business and you are doing it for a while, but you have zero customers. Do not give in! It might take 2 years to get your first customer, and in the next 2 you can get 1 million. It is a true story! It is from Prabakaran Murugaiah, founder of TechFetch and you may see it here.

If you fight a serious illness and it seems that your condition did not improve, even if you do your best effort, do not give up! Or maybe you want a child with your partner, you are trying, but even after many years there is no result. It means nothing! Count on the miracle! Life starts to prepare your success on the first day when you start working for it. It only depends on you, and on your perseverance that you take over the package or not.

You might work hard for something, still your life is maybe exactly the same as couple of years earlier. Yes, true, but the quantum leap might be just around the corner. Just remember that: the electrons do not crawl from one level to another. They jump. They might be exposed to radiation for a while before the jump happens, but they surely jump once, and when they do, it is gonna be the most amazing thing what you can ever experience!


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