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The poison


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Istvan Szabo - The poison


There are millions of types of poisons. Some kills immediately, some has a delayed impact, some burns, some blocks the nervous system, some may kill only in decades or maybe never. There are some types of them which are much less known. These are the negative thoughts and emotions that occur in the event of a serious disappointment. They may not kill the body, but they attack the mental and emotional consciousness and thus their symptoms can seriously impact one’s life.

We can not neglect the fact that some poisons have an essential part of our life. Snake venom is an important component of numerous medicines. Or some adventurous individuals use poisonous mushrooms, cactuses or bark to submerge into a hallucinated reality which may help to solve mental or emotional issues. Another nasty example is the chemotherapy to cure cancer, and that is also carried out by a poison. We may like them or not, they are nothing else than killer-programs to destroy something. It depends on their program and on the user whether this will have a positive outcome or negative. Eventually knife can also be used for killing and for carving a beautiful masterpiece.

Each and every one of us receives huge dose of emotional poisons on a day to day level. If somebody shouts on you, it is nothing else than poison. If your new car is stolen, your partner is gone with an Argentinian macho or your new book is rejected by the publisher, you always take a considerable portion of a strong poison of course without your consent. It will first burn your heart and cause a huge pain at the beginning. However, the most dangerous part comes afterwards, when the effects starts to spread into the deeper layers of consciousness where it produces dangerous thoughts like: “I am a looser”, “I will never recover from this”, or “I am a disaster”. Those type of thoughts will then again create negative emotions like anger, fear, depression, frustration, worrying or whatever can still come up to nurture the never-ending vicious circle.

Whatever you do, if you get a bad dose of the toxic program, it is going to burn hard and it is going to be painful. We have to remind ourselves however in those situations that the venom is only a program and it produces it effects merely for the time, it is programmed to do so. What additional negative thoughts and emotions we produce in consequence is solely our own decision. The wisest action is not to act at all. Until the venom is present and stimulates the thoughts or emotions, it is very important not to identify yourself with those thoughts and emotions. People around us will always find a way to break into our consciousness and hurt us deeply. As a natural reaction, we will always feel terrible. This situation happens daily in light portions, and very powerful, toxic humiliations also happen time to time. Do not take them personally! Leave your body to give the necessary reactions and move on.

Believe me or not, those poisons will have a very powerful positive impact, if you leave them to unfold their program and then disappear. They will always attack and destroy some ugly part of our ego. Feeling ourselves superior, being jealous, envy or in any way better than others are those part of our characteristics which will be first attacked by these types of poisons. Leaven them being destroyed and came back after the “treatment” as a better person with dignity.


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