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Psychosis or Potential?


Photo by Szilard Szabo on Pixabay

Istvan Szabo - Psychosis or Potential?

Common belief is that psychosis or other psychological defects are sicknesses. Yes, they might be, but we can also look at them from a totally different angle. For that, it is essential to understand the concept of the mind from an esoteric point of view.

According to our belief at CHS Test, the mind is nothing but a time machine. We experience time as a flow or a line, going with the same speed from a certain beginning to a certain end. In reality, time does not exist, at least not in the way as we humans experience it. It is a production of our mind which is wound up like a cuckoo clock when we hit the existence in a human skin. Our mind, thus, puts together our reality in a given sequence and projects it in a way that it makes sense for us and it looks like that it really goes from one point to another. Thanks to this process, it also filters out many things from the reality which is not matching with our set-up. Our so much respected and trusted mind does not do anything else than just puts a filter on the vast timeless, spaceless, endless mass of reality. It is the projector of our virtual reality what we live.

The psychotic (or lunatic), having certain disfunction of the mind, partly loses the filtering and structuring functionality, and reality starts to flow in as water floods everything when the dam brakes. As the person does not understand and cannot treat all that unfiltered messages, fear, depression, schizophrenia, sudden emotional fluctuations, aggression and many other extreme reactions usually occur. Witnessing all these contra-reactions, someone may say that the person has gone nuts.

There are and used to be tribes, however, where the lunatic became the shaman and served with important messages from the “other” world. It was a gift and they treated them as respected people, selected by the gods. Therefore, we may consider those psychological deformations as the removal of the limitations rather than limitations. For sure, they need treatment and for sure the society must be prepared. At many milder forms of psychological defections, though, recognizing the opportunity might be a more effective treatment than suppressing the symptoms with medicines.

The timeless, spaceless reality which floods someone’s conscious mind, can be indeed a very scary experience. But with proper help, the individual can be prepared to cope with the new experiences. If those extreme experiences can be tamed and can be treated well, it can be a massive opportunity in one’s life. That person may become the shaman of his own destiny.

Many claims that even Nikola Tesla might had been suffering from some sort of mental disorders or had been an autistic. He heard voices, had visions and his unusual attitude made many believe that he might had not been playing with a full deck. Treating him as a lunatic would had been a terrible mistake and a missed opportunity for the mankind.

At any type of sicknesses or disfunctions of the body, proper medical treatment may be indispensable. Recognizing the esoteric reasons, though, and coping with them on a subtle level, at the level of our true personality, may significantly accelerate the healing. Register  to CHS Test today to improve your consciousness, and become a shaman of your destiny.



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