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Moral stories



Why Morality Stories?


I would like to shed light on a seemingly weird combination: Consciousness application and illustrated morality stories. I already hear that you say: "Consciousness sounds like a serious matter, while illustrated stories are usually for kids." Well, if we put it under the magnifier, it's not completely true. Laugh and jokes have an incredible healing power, therefore one of our emotional consciousness goals is related to the improvement of the sense of humor. Humor, ladies and gentlemen, is a very serious matter, at least as much as consciousness is. What about the illustrated storybooks or moral stories which we are publishing and selling on Amazon? They are also not for kids. At least not for those who are seeking for an easy entertainment. All our stories are constructed by the CHS Test methodology to improve life style in an ingeniously smart way. I will reveal the secret in the following lines. Stay with me, I'm not gonna be funny, but I will be entertaining. I'm actually a certified humorous speaker, but this is actually another topic... 



CHS Test distributes every aspects of our life, every acts and goals into three categories: physical, emotional and mental. Our promise is that if these three are equally balanced in our daily routine, it leads to a successful and balanced life, well rooted in a firm foundation. For example, all the top athletes already know the secret that for winning, it's not enough "just" to go to the training room, train hard, and go home, then start again the same the next day. They need to work at least as hard in their mind too. They have to rewire and reprogram their brain to believe in their success, they need to construct a very wise ritual and life-style which backs up their continuous improvement. Therefore, to train their minds too, they cannot avoid employing an expensive coach. Or a more affordable...If you've seen Rocky Balboa, then you know what I'm talking about. That's the physical and mental balance. Oh, yes, but you could shout out: Hey, Istvan, what's up with the emotions? Then I would say: Well, well, the good, old emotions! Of course, who hasn't seen a top athlete without a beautiful girl or a handsome guy who is waiting for them at home to make up the time spent in the gym? As a Hungarian, I have the best example: Hosszu Katinka, the swimming world champion and Shane Tusup, who was her coach, and by the way, used to be her husband too. They achieved a balance of all the three elements in one subject: swimming. Result? 24 gold medals.


But let's get back to our original topic which is the relationship between a consciousness application and the morality stories. These stories represent an imaginary life event with ancient huge fishes, dragons, see monsters or with the most dangerous creature of all, our own mind. In these stories our protagonists, Joe, Chon, Ben or Zarkna are contrasted with three trials: The trial of strength, the trial of mind and the trial of heart. They can only reach their goals if they successfully pass all the trials. It's not enough to be strong or to persevere, they have to be wise, and most importantly they have to be capable to truly love from all their heart, without any conditions. This is nothing else than pure, fully charged, everyday consciousness that is going to lead all of us to a balanced life-style, happiness and self-confidence...if we understand the secret behind all success stories. Our application will help you to improve your life by injecting consciousness into your day-to-day life, and our books will entertain you while they also teach an important lesson.


Let’s start a new life now, fully energized with CHS Test. It is an online personal development program. It helps you to connect to your inner self, to explore your life purpose and to recognize opportunities around you which may create your own reality. CHS Test does all this by helping you to build a habit from conscious lifestyle. After your registration, you can personalize your own test, progress on physical, emotional and mental levels and eventually you will receive an evaluation from us with further guidance. Start your self-development here.

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