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Make your life a meditation



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Istvan Szabo - Make your life a meditation


Number of U.S. meditators steadily increase in the recent years. Today in the U.S. more than 10% of the population meditate regularly. This can be attributed to spreading popularity of the meditation and its incredible benefits in every part of our life. The fact that still a huge chunk of the population does not do it – despite to obvious benefits – can be attributed to the missing knowledge or to the lack of time. If you fall into the group of non-meditators who would start with it but does not have time, I have good news for you.

CHS Test® transforms your life into a meditation and apart from the relatively time-consuming set up – which may take up to 20 minutes – basically you need zero extra time to maintain the activity during a freely chosen period.

How does it work? CHS Test® is based upon the very foundations of the meditations. There are numerous different meditations according to their length, practice, their object and aim. Some of them are dynamic and require activity from the practitioner. Some of them are completely static and the meditator seemingly does “nothing” while doing the meditation. In one fundamental thing however, all meditation must be consistent, otherwise we cannot call the activity meditation but relaxing, siting, walking, breathing, etc. This one thing is the fully dedicated awareness during the meditation. This may be directed towards a certain process or aim, for example breathing or visualizing a healthy body, but its focus can be blunter or more extensive whereas the object of the meditation is simply everything. This later one is called consciousness. While being conscious, the meditator contemplates the surrounding world as a movie without being attached to any of the physical, emotional or mental happenings.

The CHS Test® is an online tool. During the practice you have to regularly evaluate different aspects of your own consciousness. This regular evaluation forces your attention to your surrounding and to the activities what you are doing in every given moment. It is exactly meditation. Nothing more, nothing less. This meditation in our practice is your entire life. Among the benefits are improved efficiency, better memory, less stress and healthier life. It depends on you how steep and fast is your progress. There is really no limit. The benefits of a strong, dedicated and continuous meditation point much beyond the obvious health benefits. It deeply connects the personality with the source, where our life mission is rooted. This connection results in a long term, healthy self-confidence and happiness. Get ready to the journey, fasten your seatbelt and watch the best movie of your life: It is about YOU!

The CHS Test is an online personal development program. It helps you to connect to your inner self, to explore your life purpose and to recognize opportunities around you which may create your own reality. CHS Test does all this by helping you to build a habit from conscious lifestyle. After your registration, you can personalize your own test, progress on physical, emotional and mental levels and eventually you will receive an evaluation from us with further guidance. Start your self-development here.

It is just a few steps to your more mindful life. Get ready for the epic journey into yourself with this top rated, unique mindfulness tool. We do not share your information with third parties without your consent. Your test is 100% confidential. All feedback and guidance are created by our evaluation-software. Personal advice is only available at VIP registration.
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