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Jaqueline Verastegui Lugo - The free will and the nature of desire


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Jaqueline Verastegui Lugo - The free will and the nature of desire


Religion, spirituality and the desire for divinity create artificial concepts about our Reality. In consequence most of us believe that our actions and their effects are nothing else but the consequence of the pure chance or of a superior intelligence. This, however, induces a conflict in us because this concept is in contradiction with our inherent drive which seduces us to become an “architect of our destiny”. Namely, our deepest desire is to build the road what we walk. Please stop for a moment and look deep inside yourself to think over this idea. Our destiny is really in the hands of our Gods or we are able to bend the road what we walk according to our desires?

Before answering the question, let’s assume that everything (including all living beings, plants, animals, insects, etc.) is connected to a sole source and that sole source is called collective consciousness. At the moment, this is the concept that I can identify myself with the foremost. It gives me an ultimate satisfaction, because it is the climax of all my desires. It is the alpha and the omega of my quest for the meaning of life, and I can accept it without expecting or looking for any other meaning.

Understanding this concept also requires clarifying the meaning of time in the realm of Reality. It is different from our usual perception of time that assumes that time is “going” in a single line from the past towards the future. In the Reality, all time exists all the time, that is to say the past, the present and the future exist next to each other simultaneously. It means that every time already exists, including the future that influences our past and present which again counteract with the future. How can however everything exist at the moment when we still have not experienced the future? Because we have already created all our Reality in a more developed state of consciousness. This state is much beyond our day-to-day conception and in our human skin we cannot access it easily.

Therefore, in day-to-day term, the free will does not exist. Everything is planned already by ourselves. The reason, however, why we do not see the future is due to the limitations of our day-to-day consciousness. We can not to look into the future because it would seem that we are never free. When we can completely overcome the limitations of our body, though, our consciousness gets immersed in the collective consciousness. This is the state of absolute freedom. This is the laboratory where we plan our future and where we clearly see the consequences of everything, therefore the good, the bad, the unexpected and the inexplicable all lose their meaning. We plan here everything within the collective consciousness, taking into consideration everybody. We use the collective knowledge and every decision has an impact on the whole system. Nothing is a sheer chance. All of our plans and actions involves all of us. In reality however, our current capacity does not allow us to see the magnitude of our decisions in a distant or a near future, and we do not see how others are involved in our decisions. We simply cannot fully grasp the vast scale of the possibilities. If you would doubt or ignore the fact that we are intrigued into the consequences of our decisions, it is enough to return to the source and immerse your consciousness in the collective consciousness. By advanced meditation and strong concentration some of us could have a glimpse of the future and understand the full scale of consequences of a present decision.

We cling to the idea of free will, because we are afraid to lose control. Fear is however nothing but the lack of light. When we accept every possibility, and when we stop having expectations, then we receive everything naturally. This is the only way we to be graced with the power of free will. We can decide to pursue the light and be light, and this in exchange will result in infinite happiness, respect and a state of always growing spiritually. Only in this state we are allowed to access the collective energy and grow our powerful character. The human with free will therefore does not yearn for less than becoming a source of the collective consciousness. Their willingness alloys them with the universal community and let them access all the collective information and skills.


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