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Do self-development smartly with CHS Test!



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Istvan Szabo - Do self-development smartly with CHS Test!


Winter with long nights and freezing cold is a challenging period to keep up our natural energy level, general motivation and enthusiasm. The new year can be an excellent opportunity to start something new to give a boost to our life.  

CHS Test is different from the other life-improving methods or applications, currently available on the market. The commonly available programs concentrate their activities around one of the following three areas:

  • Programs focusing on improving our physical well-being: sport, healthy eating, reducing meat consumption, improving posture, quitting cigarettes or alcohol, etc.;
  • Programs focusing on the improvement of the emotional health: dancing, listening to music, improving social life or developing our sexual relationships, etc.;
  • Programs focusing on the improvement of the mental well-being: reading, learning a new language, improve dedication at work or mastering a new skill, etc.

The basic principle of the CHS Test is that life-quality cannot be significantly and permanently enhanced by only taking into consideration one of the three areas. Therefore, CHS Test supports your personal development in all the three, by cementing healthy habits in each.

The healthy and balanced lifestyle assumes continuous self-development and focus on physical, emotional and mental levels. The CHS Test supports a less arduous self-development because the balanced way activates more happiness and self-confidence on the rocky road way towards perfection. In the same time, it’s much more effective because it wisely uses our capacities. If we get tired from a physical exercise, it’s time for a mental or emotional activity. Similarly, after a long mental activity (i.e. extensive working in an office or learning), our body is ready to go for a super-relaxing jogging in the park. Maybe our mind would say: “Oh, I am so exhausted,” however, in the reality, you are just ready for a nice physical exercise. Your body desires it. Physical, emotional and mental activities can and should be regularly swapped during the day at will. This is exactly the type of life-style which you can master by the CHS Test. But it's not everything.

  • By repetition, it transforms your activities into habits;
  • It fosters awareness at physical, emotional, and mental levels;
  • By creating habits from awareness, at whatever level you are, it improves your life-quality.

Let’s make fun of nature and get fully energized by the end of this winter with CHS Test. It is an online personal development program. It helps you to connect to your inner self, to explore your life purpose and to recognize opportunities around you which may create your own reality. CHS Test does all this by helping you to build a habit from conscious lifestyle. After your registration, you can personalize your own test, progress on physical, emotional and mental levels and eventually you will receive an evaluation from us with further guidance. Start your self-development here.

If you need more motivation to start your self-development program, visit our website and check out our books: CHS Test books


It is just a few steps to your more mindful life. Get ready for the epic journey into yourself with this top rated, unique mindfulness tool. We do not share your information with third parties without your consent. Your test is 100% confidential. All feedback and guidance are created by our evaluation-software. Personal advice is only available at VIP registration.
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