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Age of a massive untapped potential


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Istvan Szabo - Age of a massive untapped potential


There have never been so many opportunities like nowadays. Still probably never has been so many depressed people as today. We can analyze the reasons endlessly why it is like that, but my point is rather to encourage you to look at the bright side of life and consider your massive opportunities.

When I used to be a child, we could not travel freely to the West. I was born in Eastern Europe. We needed a special visa, and the travel was strictly limited and even prohibited in most of the western countries. Towards the eastern countries, it was relatively easier to travel but even there, they maximized the amount of money we can take, and crossing the border was always a nightmare. Hours of waiting, pettish border guards with machine guns and almost each time they checked our bags till the very last piece. Today I would say that it is extremely humiliating and is against the human rights. That day it was normal. Now it is dead easy to travel anywhere with my ID card. It only takes a few clicks. Beyond that, I can even apply for a job in any other countries, I can buy anything, I can read anything, I can go to the street anytime and I can even write on the wall in the main street that I hate my president, nobody gives a damn about it.

What I see, however, is that the freedom desolated people from each other. The increased level of comfort did not bring more happiness. On the contrary, people got lazy and they take cheap entertainment like series, social media, eating, drinking, watching pornography and playing video games instead of taking benefit of the amazing opportunities. This is dangerous, because choosing the effortless way can create a conditional reflex, or with other words, a habit...a bad habit. If laziness becomes a habit, there is no way back from the slavery working under people who are more charismatic and more influential. Choosing the effortless way kills your immune system against manipulation. You will do what others want you to do, you will buy what others want you to buy and you will even think what others want you to think.

I would like to encourage you here therefore to take the harder way. There is a terrific amount of opportunities to learn anything and to create your dream life. On the internet, everything is easily available, and it also gives an easy tool to get in contact with the world. Take massive action to find out why you are on earth, what is your life goal and how can you achieve it. There are millions of ways to explore yourself, meditate or conduct a mindful life. It all helps to find your inner values. Do not blindly follow the social media or others. Turn into yourself, find your values and build up your character.

When I used to be a child, my parents had to fight for a safe and comfortable life. Nowadays it is relatively easy to conduct a safe and comfortable life. But do not settle for the comfort. Fight for exploring yourself, take massive action to find your values and create your own happiness. I think we all need to fight for that to make this place a happy planet instead of a heaven where billions of people are chained within their own mind.

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