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We are not a book company...but now we are...just a little bit

In the last couple of months we finished "The burden", created paperback versions for the "Joe and the Fish" and for "The burden", and just a few minutes ago I uploaded the paperback version for "The CHS Test", our first book - interestinly enough transferred into paperback as the last. All fingers crossed that Amazon will finally accept and does not find again a reason like "The images in your manuscript file lack bleed...."

...and very big news ladies and gentleman: a new fairytale is being illustrated right now as I am writing these words. I am still not sure the title, but it will be either "The obnoxious fairy" or "The long forgotten story of a goddess." I hope that you look forward to read it as much as I look forward to keep it in my hands.

However...I have to clarify that we are not a book company. The main idea is to improve consciousness of the humanity. Therefore soon enough we will turn back to further improve the test functionality of this website...and believe me I am full of exciting ideas.

As I am woring on the new book, in the meantime you can grab any of those which are already on the market:

Joe and the Fish paper:

Joe and the Fish kindle:

The burden paper:

The burden kindle:



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