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The long forgotten story of a goddess

The long-forgotten story of a goddess is a story which was first born longer time ago - similarly to the Burden. This new version is however much more action-rich, and is enhanced with a legend with gods, fairies, ghosts, dragons and other unearthly creatures. As we have already used to it in other CHS Test books, the story also promotes a holistic personal-development path on physical, emotional and mental level.


After this book I might take the direction towards the sci-fi realm which always attracted me the most. I have a huge amount of finished and partly finished stories. Another option might be a book with more practical guidance about life-style....but till then it's still a long way to go, and this way is going to be the most exciting with fairies, dragons, dark shadows, knights and mighty heroes. Please follow me on my journey, you can see the milestones of my path here:


Joe and the Fish paper:

Joe and the Fish kindle:

The burden paper:

The burden kindle:

The CHS Test paper:

The CHS Test kindle:



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