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Last phase in the "long forgotten story of a goddess"

The production of our next next book - the fourth in the row - is in the last phase. If everything goes well - and it will :) - then the "long forgotten story of a goddess" will hit Amazon by spring. The story and more than half of the illustrations are ready. In the next round we just need to structure the text around the illustrations, make a final edition and allignement of the text with the illustrations, create a book cover and place it on the Amazon. Sounds easy, no? No, actually it will be still at least 100 hours constant work.

This story will also reflect the CHS Test methodology, the physical, emotional and mental self-improvement as we already used to it in the previous tales. The difference will be the mythical set-up, full of actions and the interactions among humans and Gods.

You can reach our previous books from our website: CHS books and tales




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