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A giant effort and a small step..but f* yeah, another milestone is killed!!

If you have ever dealt with Amazon, you know what I mean. One seemingly small formatting issue can poison your entire life and drive you crazy for at least three months. This is what happened to me when I repeatedly got the same message after uploading new and new versions of my paperback book multiple times. I contacted designers, proofreaders and other writers who have experience with Amazon. Nothing helped until a dusky Monday morning, when I finally started to see fade sparkles of hope in the end of the tunnel. An experienced writer, author of two books and numerous articles in the New York Times posed the question: "Did you try in word document?". Then I once again checked the upload requirements, and realised that nothing is against uploading documents in .doc, though it seemed too obvious and easy, so I had never tried. But this time I spit into my trembling hands and redid all the design once again. It was at the end of a nicely long working day in my job which then I topped up with a six our redisigning joyride and left the office at 2 am dizzy and half dead, but with a pinch of hope in the back of my mind. The next day I checked the book, and oh my dear holy higness in the to the book with bold green letters: LIVE...This was a small win with a huge army, but yeah, it is done, and we are moving forward!!


Thanks to the fact that the content is black and white this time, I could offer a very friendly price on Amazon. You can get this book for only 7.99 usd. Grab yours today and I will send you a big thank you personally:

The book is available: here



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