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Emotional dresses


Photo by Ralph Fierz on Pixabay

Istvan Szabo - Emotional dresses

We wear clothes on our body, it is a normal thing. It is so normal that if somebody attempts to go outside without clothes, it is resulted in a public outrage. Therefore, my question is: If it is so normal to wear something on our physical body, why do we completely neglect to wear something on our emotional body?

We make a significant effort to look good, we select clothes which fit, and they cover our physical imperfection. We also clean and iron those clothes. We would feel bad if we had to go outside in a dirty, stinky shirt which does not fit and has an ugly spot from yesterday’s dinner. We would feel that everybody is watching us, and we would think that the inappropriate shirt makes us in the reality an inappropriate person. That is why we take care about clothing. An average person spends at least one hour each day related to clothing which includes buying, selecting, cleaning, ironing, folding, matching and so on. If we spend so much time with clothing that is to present our body, why do not we take care about of our emotions?

In fact, we should focus on our emotions as much as on our clothes, because they are also visible. When we are happy, we radiate joy and other people sense it. They turn back after us, maybe they smile back and by a little they will be happier. It is not only because we have different facial expression and posture when we are happy, but the human body in fact can sense emotions. Sit next to a frustrated person, you will become frustrated soon too, or sit next to somebody who is entirely content and compassionate, and you will feel that a pinch of harmony that permeates your soul.

How would you feel if you had to step into a metro and half of the people were naked, and the rest had never washed their clothes and there was dirt and stench everywhere? Even if you stepped in in your completely new cloth, perfectly washed and ironed, after travelling with them 10-15 minutes, you would feel dirty and stinky. This is exactly what happens with our emotions. We get dirty every day, being among people who have negative emotions.

Clean your emotions therefore regularly. Observe them and recognise when you feel negative emotions like anger, hatred, ungratefulness, envy or fear. Find the reasons of those negative feelings, solve them and replace them by positive once: compassion, love, gratefulness, proudness and courage.

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