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Istvan Szabo - Balance


Establishing balance doesn’t look and feel always so immaculate than those rounded stones, placed carefully on each other which appear first at a google search. It’s actually terribly hard to achieve balance, because we, humans inherited a huge imbalance in a form of contradiction in our very nature. We strive to be happy, but our genetical code is not rewarding the “easy happiness”, because it’s all about surviving. We are wired in a way to be flushed by happy hormones when our hard work brings results for us or especially for our family, friends and community. This is the classic tension of the existence of the human dancing on a knife edge, flirting with the temptation of the sweet egoism on one side and staring into the abyss of usefulness on the other side. Creating something useful brings real, long-term satisfaction, may that something be a tangible object, a virtual business, a family or our own health. You may say that also a cake, a glass of wine or a graciously presented finger to a stranger in another car can bring a certain, immediate satisfaction. True, and we should never stop eating cakes, but we all know that the second cake will bring much less satisfaction, and eventually the tenth will only bring suffer. Showing ten fingers while driving is even more dangerous than the cake. Baseline is that what is easy, it makes life hard, and what is difficult, it makes life easy and balanced.

There are many more depressed people among rich, spoiled kids than among those who have to work hard for everything they have. There are also much more depressed people in developed countries than in developing countries. We can also see the same analogy in nature. Swift streams give crystal clear water while those which are lazy to flow, they will be soon green and stinky. Trees which stop to grow, antelopes that say that “today I’m lazy to run”, lions that have more important things than hunting, squirrels who are occupied by getting fed by tourists’ biscuits, fishes who are too fat or too weak or too spoiled will all have a low priority in Mr. Charles Darwin’s consulting room. Only humans are allowed to be lazy because some other hard-working individuals gifted mankind with cars, houses, electricity, mobile phones, cheap meat, cheap television and cheap everything, immediately to make life easier. So that we have enough to waste if we don’t like it or when we get bored of it.

The balance, the beauty and the easiness are not a matter of chance, and you can’t buy it in your favorite shopping center on a discounted price, made in China. It’s hard work. A beautiful body is hard work. Looking at the amazing easiness of a dancer is hard work. A massive canopy of a tree is sourced by massive roots in the dark, cold soil fighting for survival and eating the suffering of all the animals and plants which died to serve as fertilizer.

The opposite is also true. Developing a lazy personality will lead to ugliness, hardness and imbalance. Choosing not to use our body because it’s tiring or choosing to eat the low-quality food because it’s widely available and cheaper, will lead to obesity and sickness. Choosing to often switch off our consciousness with cheap movies, alcohol and a routine lifestyle, instead of reading and learning something new every day, will make our character cloddish. First, we lose our sense of humor - it happens to many of us by age. Then we say goodbye to our entertaining skills and eventually instead of really understanding the world, we will base our actions on self-created truths patched with fear of everything and everybody who look different. Not developing regularly our heart and emotions will also lead to a bitter and burned out personality.

Nature doesn’t have a choice. Especially the millions of animals slaughtered every day for fun or for cheap food to waste. There is merely balance and beauty in nature because it’s all about fight for survival, every day, every second. The world is led by people who are already super rich, and they want much more. To get what they want, they will not be afraid to kill humans or to destroy this planet for the next generation. Don’t let this happen. Don’t ignore it. Don’t say that you can’t do anything. Individuals change the world for good or for bad, we all know examples from each side. Even if you don’t change the world, you can do many things. You can dramatically improve your life quality while being fair to your environment. Be aware, learn every day, use your emotions and learn that what we take in our lives granted, the freedom, the electricity, the house, the car, the mobile phone and the safety are not for free. People sacrificed their lives for it, in some cases millions of people. Animals, nature and the Earth are dying today to support all our needs. Do you give back something? Or do you just try to use what others created for you? Do you waste your time? Do you get uglier and more tired every day or do you live in balance and getting more beautiful and younger as days pass?


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