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A new era of superheroes...or slaves?


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Istvan Szabo - A new era of superheroes...or slaves?


A new era of superheroes has arrived alluring an enormous mass of people. Still only a few is able to pass the seemingly easy entrance to the elite squad. In the movies, Clint Eastwood’s sweaty face and his crap revolver is now replaced by marvel-characters who are playing with the greatest ease with weapons able to destroy planets. In the reality the situation is somewhat similar: Our civilization – evolved in hundreds of thousands of years – can immediately be erased by pressing a red button. In our daily life we face characters who have made an incredible fortune and success from a garage-business. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckenberg, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are all living examples that a single person, from an average environment can make a dream come true and change the world for ever. While success seems so easy as never before, most of the individuals living this planet have never been so far from happiness and self-realization as today. Thanks to the technical development, companies grew multinational, work processes segregated, and many individuals are focusing on a very small part of a process, not seeing the result of their efforts, and never having a satisfaction of creating something. Crime, corruption and depleting the last drops of life from this earth and every living being around us are on record level. Only a few hundred years ago mankind represented 1% of the total number of mammals, today mankind and their animals produced to be slaughtered for food are 99% vs. all the rest. We long for nature, water and the beauty of the Mother Earth, but this inherent harmony is soon completely lost due to mankind’s egoist fight to pursue his immature dreams.

I’m not here to judge, because I don’t know the Will of the Creator. I’m sure however that the balance of the universe is always set. As much we oscillate into one extreme, as much we'll have to face the other side of the pole. The way how we used to operate this Earth a few decades ago can't perform the same results anymore. The continuous profit maximalization, growing the ego and suffocating God in the waste around the totems of the self-importance is not working anymore. To lower the head and refuse the responsibility is also not a desired solution anymore. Nature, and our civilization – as we knew it before – is in danger. Earth will survive everything, but mankind is much more sensitive than we think.

The key out of the old way thinking and entering the new era is the physical, emotional and mental consciousness. We need to question everything what we do. The robot-pilot type of life style eased by routines must be ceased immediately. At each activity we always have to ask ourselves whether it’s really necessary what we’re currently doing, or we we’re just taught to deem it important. We need to reevaluate our goals every day: Will my goals really result in my or in others’ happiness? Are those goals really reflecting my life-mission or they're imposed by a stuck civilization due to blindly following the expectations? Is it something which really resonates with my deepest being? Is it linked to my superhero skill, or it’s only a shiny piece of forged paradise which we blindly follow because it’s worshipped by others.

The best things are all free and it should always stay like this. Love, happiness, laughter, good time spent with friends, satisfaction of work and the contemplation of the beauty of nature must be free of charge. Unfortunately, we sacrifice these natural values to follow goals dictated by others. We procrastinate our happiness to do a job which is supposed to provide more happiness later. However, by the end of the process – decades later – we are not happy, we don’t have a sense of humor and most of our energy is depleted. It’s crazy isn’t it? Still we do it, because we never question our education, social set up or religion.

When something demands the majority of our day, we should always ask the following questions: What does it bring to my life? Where does it lead to? That destination is really desired or it’s just something what I blindly chose due to my social program, education or upbringing? It’s not so difficult to unveil our life-mission because we should always feel some attraction to it, but it’s extremely difficult to live accordingly due to the high expectation of others. To reach a point when our daily activities resonate with our deepest self that result in a very long-term and stable satisfaction, requires constant consciousness, on every level, during an extended period. No worries though, because this never-ending road is a satisfying journey, similarly to a hiking where the point is not the arrival but the contemplation of the beauties around.


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