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There is always something to be happy about


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Istvan Szabo - There is always something to be happy about


A few years ago, I was invited to a birthday party. Among the participants there was a disabled guy, sitting in an armchair. I used to have a preconception against disabled people. I felt sorry for them because I always thought that they are unfortunate people. This guy totally changed my point of view. He was one of the most positive, vivid and funny person I have ever met. He worked in a McDrive and maintained a very good relationship with his customers. Of course, nobody knew that he is disabled, because he was always sitting there. There was a girl who often went to that McDrive and they always chatted a lot. The girl invited him to go for a ride once with the bicycle, then the guy explained that actually he cannot, because he is disabled....the girl did not go back anymore. I was very sad hearing this story, even though his way of presenting was very entertaining.

Then he explained how he ended up in a wheelchair. It was a car accident, in which he lost his consciousness. When it happened, a nurse, who accidentally happened to have seen the accident, run to him, pulled him out of his burning car and gave him first aid until the ambulance arrived. He told that he cannot be grateful enough for that nurse and for the destiny that he got another chance.

What made me think over my whole life is the fact that being disabled was a grace for him. It was a sign for him that his life was saved and that he is extremely lucky. I told myself: wow...this is a person we all have to learn from!


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