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Positive thinking



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Istvan Szabo - Positive thinking


Let’s get into it! We don’t need too much background about positive thinking, everybody has heard about it, and most of us have even tried. This is merely a reminder, because negative thoughts are like dirt, they stick. Therefore, we should remind ourselves every day to be grateful for all what we have.

Why negative thoughts stick and not positive? Well, we could also ask why not purity and good fragrance build up during hot summer days. But let’s examine this phenomenon from a different angle. Negative thoughts, being critical, dissatisfied or well, sometimes maybe even grumpy, are part of our survival mechanism. Without them, we would still carry home the mammoth-meat for lunch – happily though – and the cave paintings would constitute all what we know about art instead of the Sistine Chapel, just for the sake of the example. Critical thinking helped us recognizing the presence of danger in a seemingly friendly environment which could mean the difference between life and death in the stone age. It has also helped us improving our circumstances by always questioning whether it’s good enough what we already have. The stone age is however over for most of us.

If you are reading these lines, let’s assume that you are among those lucky ones who has enough food, drink, electricity and access to drinking water, so you are relatively safe. For you therefore, the legacy of the negative thinking is a huge burden. It keeps the body and the mind continuously under unnecessary tension which in turns create high blood pressure, insomnia, addictions or even diabetes and cancer. Negativity is nothing but focus on a few negative aspects and allowing them into our whole existence, instead of seeing things objectively and being grateful for all the rest. It’s like having one tattered shirt and nine new and always wearing the tattered one.

Positive thinking is easy. When we pronounce “I’m grateful”, we immediately feel a good dose of happiness hormone flushed into our body. If we pronounce loudly, the effect is even better. We can also replace “grateful” with other words. It doesn’t matter if they are true or not, the world is relative, and everything is true for you my friend. Pronounce it outload: I’m wealthy, I’m healthy, I’m passionate, I’m successful, I’m strong, I’m happy, I’m self-confident, and so on. Don’t just say, mean it. When you express the words, find examples in your mind why is that true. Believe me, our mind is an amazing tool to support this, and the example will come immediately. Feel the energy of the words and the positive resonance, spreading in your body and destroying the energy blocks stuck in your mind, stomach or back in consequence of the negative thinking.

Don’t use this practice in situations when being stressed is legitimate. For example, while running from a from fans of the opposite football team. Do it as the first thing when you get up or the last before you go to sleep or any time, when you can really dedicate to this activity 5 or 10 minutes without any disruption and noise. You can also use it on the subway and be the next weird guy in the row who smiles without any obvious reason, and without wanting to sell you something.

A positive thought is not just a dose of happiness like a sip of coffee. It’s like an avalanche. One thought will put down roots like a seed and will start to grow in our reality. If we remind ourselves often enough to be grateful, then our mind will project the right path in our reality. Our communication gets more positive, our facial expression and posture cleans up, people feel better in our gravitational field, and our choices result in even more gratefulness. The reason why it works, because we are literally an energy field. Our hands, our bodies, our mind are nothing else but energy, and the energy reacts immediately to the thought. It doesn’t only change the state of mind, it changes the charge of the whole body immediately.

The real praying therefore is nothing else but expressing gratefulness in a meditative state. In this example to God let’s call him (her?) as we want. Praying is not about asking for something. The satisfy the wish list, there is an other guy in duty, called Santa Claus. Praying is about expressing gratitude for what we already have, thus showing God the we deserve even more. Similarly, also not those employees will be promoted who want always more, but those who work hard and already happy with what they have.


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