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Time, the key to connect to your inner self


Photo by Momuel on Pixabay

Istvan Szabo - Time, the key to connect to your inner self


We experience time as a flow or line, going with the same speed from a certain beginning till a given end. In reality, time does not exist. It is a production of our mind which is wound up like a cuckoo clock when we hit the existence in human skin. Our mind, thus, simulates the reality in a sequence and projects it in a way that it makes sense for us and it looks like that it really goes from one point to another. Our so much respected mind does not do anything else just puts a filter on the vast timeless, spaceless, endless mass of reality. It is the projector of our movie what we live.

Why does it do that? It is part of the learning-program, called life. The entire reality is extremely massive, and we could easily get lost in it. Life is a learning-simulation-program. Taming the gigantesque reality with a time-structure, makes things far easier. During our time, spent in human skin, we build skills, with those skills we develop a reasonable life and for example a business, a career or a family. We can reach things and we can be successful. It all takes time, though. In reality, our success (or anything else what we strive for) has already happened. It is in the “system” and inside us. The most amazing thing is that we still “go through” the whole life as if it would really happen. There is one key reason why we do that. It is nothing but to improve consciousness. It is the only thing what we really are and what remains with us after we take off the human skin. We can call it soul or spirit, but as there are some religious or spiritual associations are stick to those words, I rather use consciousness.

After all, our true self is the essence of consciousness. Therefore, it is very important to identify ourselves with that true self, understand our true motivations and accomplish our earthy mission. To be truly happy and satisfied in life, this is absolutely essential. It can be a rocky road with many difficulties, but I have seen many people whose life became an endless source of adventure and pleasure as they started to work on their dreams. To understand the extent of consciousness, it is helpful to understand time. Or better to say, to understand timelessness. Consciously conducted life, mindfulness, meditation all help. If we really understand, we become masters of our own destiny.

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