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Istvan Szabo - The Observer


This post is for you if you are in the hell right now. If not, good for you! But hey, you can still continue reading. It might be important to remember once...

If you are in the hell, let me join your pain for a moment, and please let me try to find out what troubles you. You have might got divorced, fired, humiliated or you might have lost somebody. Maybe nothing specific happened, but your life does not want to make sense and you are depressed, helpless, demotivated and lacking the life force. This materializes like an emotional pain that paralyzes you. There might be a burden on your shoulders and it does not let you move forward, it pulls you down to hell. Does it feel as if you were waist-deep in swamp, every step is hard, and you can not imagine how could you end up in that situation, you that cool guy, who had so much energy and so many plans? “Life is not fair.” – You might think.

First of all, there is no reason to panic. You are not alone! We end up in very challenging situations which seriously test our endurance. It happens to EVERYBODY, and usually more or less regularly. I have been dwelling in hell often, it is not something to be ashamed about. Who does not feel what you feel right now - and what I also felt often - is not ready for life. That person is like a fresh sprout, vulnerable to be trampled upon. It is like with the weather. Winter occasionally turns up. This is pretty much an accepted fact. Sooner or later, even if you do not do anything, you get out of that shit. Emotional burdens fade. They do not maneuver as fast as thoughts do, but eventually the emotional pain dissipates, whatever you do. There is, however, something you can do to accelerate your healing, and to make sure that the emotional scars - left behind your pain - are as esthetic as possible.

What is that? It does not matter how big is the pain and how much you suffer, there is always a sober voice inside you. Let’s call it your sober mind or your mental consciousness or if you are more spiritual, then the observer. The observer does not have feelings like a human body, because the observer is always conscious, even if you feel terrible or if you are in euphory. It is stable, similarly to your body: you always have the same body, when you are having a relaxing massage or when you are climbing up a hill with a heavy backpack in a sizzling summer day. But at the first, you feel good, at the second, you do not. Difference? Your emotions, your feelings and your state of mind. The observer is always the same. Your first task therefore is to identify your observer. You can easily do this: it is the only objective voice within you. It speaks to you like a good friend. It does not judge you and does not praise you, but it tells you the truth. It observes you, because it is the observer. It is always right. Your feelings can cheat you, your heart can long desire after somebody who is already far away, but your observer will dead smartly tell you what you need to do. Your observer wants the best for you, and will tell you the most usable advice. No matter how hard it is, follow the guidance of your observer. If it tells you that “no, it is not a good idea to buy another bottle of whiskey”, then do not buy it. If it tells that that you deserve a better job, it means you really deserve and it is high time to go after it. As often you accept the voice as stronger it will become.


Recognize the voice and follow it, out of hell, you will meet your best friend on the way, Yourself!


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