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Layers of Reality


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Istvan Szabo - Layers of Reality


The genes contain the genetic code of a whole human body and in a small seed there is a whole tree hidden. Why could not we use this analogy for our reality?  Let’s give it a try and see whether it is true for our life as well. Similarly, thus, there are small particles in our reality which may hide a whole new universe….and indeed, there are. For example, missing a red traffic lamp on the road can reveal a whole new reality with different rules from our current reality. Traffic lamp? A small seed in our current reality. Spending a lifetime in a wheelchair? A whole new universe with completely different rules. There are less obvious examples as well. Answering a test question right, having one conversation with somebody in the right time at the right place or taking the staircase instead of the elevator can also change our whole life. Seemingly very small, negligible details but they are able to completely turn around our whole life for good or bad.

Let’s continue to play with this analogy a little more. Now, please do me a favor. Please, think of the major happenings in your life. Your partner, your education, your job and your environment in which you are at the present moment. First, were not all of them a small seed, hardly visible, then they became a vulnerable sprout and eventually a tree which stands stable in the ground with its strong roots? As your parents saw you drawing for the first time, may be a seed of a new reality. Your first days in an art school are then the sprout and you as a famous art designer are the tree.

Why is this important? Because new realities are not shouting into our face, but they are whispering in the background. Understanding the nature of creation may significantly improve our chances to reach our goals. It is about understanding the layers of reality and how a new baby reality can be born and what we can do to protect, nurture and grow it. Reaching our goals may require the realization and especially acceptance of very small, maybe insignificant details in our current reality. The key to that is nothing else but consciousness. In every moment, there are infinite number of potential future realities. With the right intensity and depth of consciousness, we can recognize our new reality and we can pull it under our protective wings where we can nurture and build our rock-solid future. So let’s assume that realities are like any other physical bodies. Therefore, they can be born, exist and dominate or just hide invisibly in the background. The following steps may serve as a useful guide in the process of creation.

First, we need a goal. The goal cannot be a symptom-like goal. Goals like having a new car is not too powerful. It is the feeling of freedom by driving the new car, having an impact on other people and getting earlier to our new destination. Eventually that car must be the vehicle to realize ourselves. Having a goal which is not serving our life purpose and not grounded on strong emotions is like having a gold cannon, it might like nice, but it does not serve the aim. It will not yield long term results. It needs to fit into our mission on the very deepest level.

Second is about the expectations. The way how we reach a goal and when, can be completely different from the way we think it is going to be accomplished. Usually a new reality requires a rewired brain, a brand-new attitude and an updated point of view. Therefore, in the realization of our goals it is better to be extremely flexible. An infinite respect and trust towards the universe is recommended. Expectations are like elephants stomping upon vulnerable sprouts while trying to find a tree. They immediately kill all the trees around. Having no expectations and respecting the law of nature – on the other hand –  helps to extend our consciousness and shed light on new ways to help to cope with the new requirements.

Third thing is the extra mile. Our goal may not immediately materialize. No seed will grow a tree by the next day. As Molière told “trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” Some circumstances may completely need to be changed before a goal may be realized. The change does not only have to happen on the tangible, physical level but even on a spiritual or energetic level. A new reality carries new rules and it must fit into the old on every level. Important is to not give up. To always make one more step forward. We may get tired on the way, or collapse, we may curse the circumstances and our gods, but the next day, when we have clear mind and a relaxed body, we make another step forward with a smile on our face.

Remember that there are the seeds of millions of different realities around us. Life is not as stable and structured as we think. It is like a wild river which may be flooding one day, the next day can almost dry out, and the water in it is never the same. We are not the water but the riverbed which gives the direction to the water. So, enjoy life as it flows through you like water, never try to grab it or stop the flow, otherwise it’s going to kill you.


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