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How to resurrect your focus and unleash your creative force with consciousness


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Istvan Szabo - How to resurrect your focus and unleash your creative force with consciousness


Do you lose motivation easily? Do you get distracted too often? Do you give up too easily? Then this might be something for you to recalibrate your focus and unleash your unstoppable, creative force. This post introduces you the consciousness, reflected in three different levels: physical, emotional and mental. It also helps you to recognize those three levels. Being conscious on all those three levels changes your life for good. Continue reading till the end, because the most important part will be in the conclusion. If you also intend to try the below described exercises, I recommend retreating at least for 10-15 minutes in a place where you can sit uninterrupted.

Physical level is being aware of the impulses, delivered by your sensory organs into your brain. In other words, it is what you see, hear, small, touch and taste. If you are sitting in a room, this is the awareness of the objects around you, their form, size and color. The feeling in your body and on your skin, the sound of the clock ticking, and so on. Sharpen your senses, have a look around and be aware of everything.

Second level is your emotions or your feelings. Do you feel good or bad? Do you feel pleasant where you are at the moment? Are you content, happy? Or you rather feel something bad, frustration, anger or fear? Do not think of the reason what induces your feelings, just identify what you feel. It is not so easy, but you can definitely do it with the right attention. Feelings might easily be mixed as well. You might feel satisfied partly, and in the same time anxious because for example the following day you will have an important discussion. Do not direct your thoughts into the future or into the past. When identifying your emotions, stay strictly in the present moment and catch your emotions “on their own”.

The last level is your mental consciousness. This is nothing but your thoughts. You may think that you perfectly control your thoughts, but the cruel reality is that the inner dialogue is always going on in your head whether you want or not, and whether you are aware or not. You cannot switch it off. Thoughts react to physical impulses, to emotions and to other thoughts. Your mind processes millions of impulses every minute on a subtle level, and your thoughts react on them. Therefore, you have thoughts even if you do not want. Also, you can intentionally direct your attention towards something and by that you induce thoughts. When you focus on something, when you are aware, when you work on something, you direct your thoughts around a certain topic or object. At this exercise do not direct your attention to anything. Simply contemplate them. Do not get carried away by any of your thoughts. Restrain yourself being attached to a train of thought, and keep your observer position.

If you have managed to do this exercise well, and you achieved awareness at all three levels, the first thing you experience is that you are not your physical sensations, and not your emotions or your thoughts either. You are the awareness behind those. If you are doing this exercise often, you build a conditional reflex not to identify yourself with short-term emotions or thoughts, but to value the eternal consciousness which is behind all those, in your subtle level of existence. If you direct your actions from that level you can recalibrate your focus and unleash your unstoppable, creative force. Sign up to CHS test and start your new test to train your consciousness at physical, emotional and mental level.

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