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Consciousness above all because that is what we really are


Photo by Sasin Tipchai on Pixabay


Istvan Szabo - Consciousness above all because that is what we really are


A few years ago I wrote a blog called "what remains". I posed the question in the introductory page: "What remains if we lose everything." To understand consciousness, we have to pose this question. It is not only about losing our wealth or some material objects, but our wife/husband, our teeth, organs and part of our body, our knowledge and memories from the brain and eventually everything. My answer is: "Nothing else remains than our true self, our deepest identity, the purest form of consciousness which is not infected by language barriers, expectations or feelings of the body."

My grandmother died many years ago, but I clearly remember the last few minutes which I spent with her. She suffered a lot, she was old, and after a long sickness, she was about 35 kgs. In the last months, her suffering had kicked out her consciousness so many times...but in that moment, in those last few minutes before she passed away, she was extremely conscious. She knew exactly what was going on. She could not talk anymore, still we were communicating. Not with words, but on a very profound level. She grabbed my hand, looked into my eyes, and I knew that she said goodbye. She had minutes away from losing all the connection to this world, still she, me, and the whole notion was more conscious than ever before between us. I am a materialist, but in that moment I was sure that it is just a destination of her journey which will continue somewhere else, in an other form.

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