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Istvan Szabo - Consciousness

Consciousness is not the same as focus, awareness or mindfulness. It’s much more. It is also not related to the alerting, damned expression used by our anesthesiologist: You are conscious! This later solely means that our mind processes the information arriving from our sensory organs and most part of the brain is active. This is not always a welcoming experience, even though, most of the time, we like to be conscious. Being connected to consciousness however means something much more. It is to be aware of everything. Let’s now squeeze this everything under the lenses of our microscope.

Everything is a funny expression for a human being who only has direct connection a very tiny part of the whole reality, and I’m not speaking about people living in Alcatraz or in a submarine. It’s obvious that we don’t know what is going on out of our solar system, but most of the time we don’t even know what is happening behind the wall, at our neighbor. At least, as I’m concerned, I’m very happy when I don’t know what is going on behind the walls. However – which may be little bit more concerning for us or our environment – we also don’t know what’s happening in our own body and mind. Our mind gives the impression that we mostly understand people speaking to us. But please let’s honestly think it over without admitting it to our boss or spouse: That understanding is created in our own mind as a result of our own thoughts and experiences. Only a negligible part originates from the communicator in front of me, may it be my boss or spouse, who I’m trying to pay attention to. This is like watching a horror movie and trying to understand the thoughts of a mosquito flying across the screen. It’s as actually a friendly example, because in that case, there might be quite a lot of connection. Nevertheless, it’s is highly recommended to separate focus, awareness or mindfulness from consciousness.

Focus means a fully concentrated state of mind to one certain thing, for example the words spoken to me. This skill limits the reality into one laser beam, and this may be an ultimate differentiator of survival. Especially if I happen to be listening to my spouse. However, focus might not always be my best solution. Sometimes, instead of focusing on a certain aspect, it’s better to be aware. Awareness is being ready to sense more things in my environment, so it means an extended focus to cover a bigger part of the reality. Our next powerful skill, mindfulness, is feeling the environment, being aware of all details around me and possibly giving a very reasonable response – Attention, if you speak to your spouse, mindfulness about the whole environment may not be the best choice. Last but not least, consciousness is accepting the information arriving from my environment through my sensory organs, and in the same time knowing that this information can have countless meaning – If you are in a lucky marriage, you already automatically know this without knowing about this. In the state of consciousness, the focus is expanded to the full scale of the tangible and intangible reality, therefore the actions of a consciously acting person might not always be logical from a certain situations point of view. But they are always logical when all details are available for the spectator.

Why can then consciousness helps us instead of confusing even more? Because awareness, focus and mindfulness are a product of our limited mind (with all respect), while consciousness embraces everything where all our answers are hidden. It includes all times, all books, all information available in everybody’s mind in the universe and in all alternative realities. It’s bigger than the Britannica, furthermore, it’s also much bigger than the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. When we focus on something, we don’t know if that thing is the right thing to focus on in a certain moment. We might think it is, but someone else observing us may have a totally different opinion. Consciousness includes everything, and as we know from the law of the conservation of energy, looking at the whole system, we always see it balanced and harmonious. From the whole system point of view, good and bad are always temporally states but they never impact the harmony of the whole. If I look at certain actions in certain countries or certain people, they may be good or bad, but the whole system, the whole Earth or the whole solar system or the whole Universe is always completely fine. We never say that the Jupiter is better than the Saturnus. Unless we are dealing with astrology, but this topic is not in my scope now. There is equal amount of the opposite attributes. Therefore, if we are completely conscious, we always know how to move towards balance and harmony. Our next step, therefore, will always be a step, correcting the imbalance in our life which consequently results in increased happiness and self-confidence.


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