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What skill would you choose?


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Istvan Szabo - What skill would you choose?


This question is totally actual at times of new year's resolutions, especially, knowing that by 15th of January 90% of the resolutions are forgotten.

Precisely the question is: "What skill would you choose if you could choose only one for your life?" My humble suggestion: Choose the learning skill!

As I am concerned, I do not consider myself talented in anything. On the contrary, I used to be a physically very weak child with communication disorder. It was very hard for me to express myself even among friends, so most of the time I used to be silent. I remember that once I had to speak in front of three people. In the middle of the speech, I stopped and sat down, because I got so much frustrated that I almost fainted. Soon, I realized that the lack of my communication skill causes me issues in every part of my life including career, family, relationships and just simply in being happy. So, I started to work hard on it. I took courses, I volunteered to present at all occasions at the company I used to work at that moment and I even volunteered to a non-profit theater to be an actor. The process was long and excruciating. According to my estimation, it has been on for at least fifteen years. But it did worth all the time I invested into learning. Now, I speak four languages, I write books in English which is not my mother tongue, I have presented in front of hundreds of people with confidence and I can even make people laugh, which is probably the most difficult type of communication skill - If you are not a natural born entertainer, similarly to me.

I knew many people who spoke wonderfully, and I admired them. Then they did not improve themselves and they stopped at the level where they used to be. Now, I speak better than they...and I have been only learning for fifteen years, and I am not planning to stop yet. By the thirtieth year, I am going to get much further than anybody who speaks amazingly today, but does not improve her/his skills. I promise.

Therefore, my advice to you, dear reader: Do not worry if you lack talent in anything. It is not a problem, in contrary, it is a blessing. If you have your drive, your motivation and if you can go in one direction continuously, you are going to reach everything you long for. Those who are content today with their skills, they should be seriously worried.

You are going to reach everything you dream of, if you want it. It is my promise, and I am sure that you will reach your goal much faster than me, because you are more talented!

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