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There are no heroes in heaven



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Istvan Szabo - There are no heroes in heaven


I used to go to swim a several years ago. It was 5 am, dark, freezing cold and winter in Budapest when the alarm went off. I had a very thin layer – a 5 seconds thin – between an average day and a successful one that changed the destiny for my entire life. In that short period my automatic reaction was to immediately think of the ice-cold weather and the 200 feet long, dark path led from the changing rooms to the outside swimming pool, steaming and surrounded by snow all around the place. I learnt fast that this way of thinking quickly ruined my good plan from the previous day and easily led to sink again into my warm bed, safely under the blankets. After a few fails, I acquired a technique which miraculously always worked. I had to trick my brain. Without that there was no chance to reach the pool and by the end of the swimming get rewarded by the gold of the rising sun which was the most uplifting experience as the snow reflected the golden rays through the haze around the pool. The trick was easy. I took all the effort not to think of the approaching challenge and to solely concentrate all my effort on giving up the safety of my comfy bed and taking on the clothes, already prepared there on the previous evening.

Our brain is not to make heroes from us, it’s not designed to make us successful but to keep us alive. The brain will make all the effort to avoid any kind of danger, and an ice-cold outside pool hides a lot of danger compared to a warm blanket in a heated room on an early winter morning. Since then I’ve learnt the lesson to always concentrate on the next step ahead of me, whatever happens. If it’s a right step, it must be done at any cost, without thinking of the thousand other steps leading to success.

If you have any type of challenge ahead that you want to accomplish, there are two things you can do to significantly improve your chances. Make a good plan, including all the baby steps you need to do to reach your goal. If this is done, just accomplish all those baby steps by concentrating all your power on the given one, and avoid thinking on the way after the actual step. This is true for climbing the Machu Picchu, running the marathon, achieving financial success, restoring good relationships or surviving cancer. If you attempt to think over the vast amount of activities ahead of you, your mind will do everything to “protect” you against the potential risk of going through such an arduous procedure. It will produce every type of images of examples from all around your world to make you believe that your plan is impossible, and eventually you will give up. You can only lose the game against your mind and your hormones. If you want to win or you have to win, the only way is to focus on the now, place all your consciousness into the present moment and make the given baby step according to your plan.

The average people are being dragged by life continuously. Everybody is more conscious when the doctor says that only a few years left with this lifestyle or when your partner threatens with divorce if you don’t change or your boss gives you a last chance. Nobody thinks of a delicious muffin, a better partner or a better career when a car is drifted into our lane in front of us on the motorway. Who wouldn’t be 100% conscious in the present moment in a situation like that? The extraordinary people are those who can have this ability even if there is no apparent danger or threat ahead of them. They are initiative people who invite consciousness into every moment of their life, they live with full focus as if they would live the last day of their life every day, depleting all of their energy during the day.

There are no heroes in heaven, and the way leading to a successful life is paved with hard work and fearless, continuous consciousness in every moment.


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