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The forgotten story of a goddess




This tale was born more than ten years ago, and since then it went through many changes. Even the title was changed. The original title was the obnoxious fairy. The story laid in the darkness of the quantum mystery of my old memory card in my previous computer. One day I decided with my ex-illustrator – Muhammad Fermli – that we would make a new book, the best, the most exciting and the most powerful of all our stories. We added a frame scene with gods and goddesses to give an origin for Zarkna, the goddess hiding deep in the Dark Woods. Then I upgraded it with dragons, legends, warriors and glowing tension between evil and good. After that I fitted the tale to the CHS Test’s holistic consciousness approach. Both the female and the male protagonists experience a three-level deep self-development in the story. They grow their physical, emotional and mental consciousness through the different type of challenges they face.

The leading force of the tale is the love. This pure force which keeps people growing in every level is contrasted with evil characters and painful challenges, just as in life. We can see the interaction between the contrasted forces and acquire a good attitude that helps us to overcome any type of obstacles. My girlfriend and soulmate – Jaquie – helped me to understand love and to purify its vigorous power. Therefore, I dedicated this book to her. We all have a goddess in our lives, in mine it's her and my mother.

The forgotten story of a goddess is not only a story for merely a few hours of entertainment. The primary aim of all CHS Test books is coaching. It’s a purified and concentrated medicine directed straight into the underconscious realms of the our existence. It boosts the driving forces of our personal-development and changes our destiny for good.

The writer of the stories is a fairly complex person, me. I’m a transportation engineer, working in the field of logistics and information technology for more than fifteen years. In the meantime, I learned nature healing, philosophy and quantum physics. I’m also a reiki distant-healer and I’m practicing meditation for more than fifteen years. I like skiing, roller-skating, swimming, running, martial arts, beach volleyball, dancing and acro-yoga. I’m also vegan for about a year, but I don’t buy meat products in shops for about 10 years. My life has never been easy. It took a long time to reach harmony with all my conflicting priorities. This harmony founded by my continuous physical, emotional and mental development. This is the philosophy of the CHS Test and of this freshly published book.

May this book improve your life or the life of your loved ones. It’s a drop of condensed wisdom of my 40 years’ experience on this planet.



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