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Success is a habit

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Istvan Szabo - Success is a habit


When I was younger, I cared so much about other people's opinion. "You can't do this, you can't do that, it is just a waste of time, you was not born for that, it is just for successful people, etc." I think we all have heard those opinions. Probably because my parents divorced when I was one year old, or because I was grown up by my mother in a very depressive environment, I had extremely low self-confidence. I was shy to talk even among friends and I never talked to girls until I was about sixteen. But fortunately there was always a fire in me burning and telling me "prove people around that you have a value". So I continued trying, and I kept on working hard. Then I finished the university agains all odds, I got my first financial success, I bought my first car, then my first flat, I wrote a book, I had nice girls and eventually I got resistant against others' opinions. I know, I can do, I know I have values, and I know that if I work hard then I can prove the naysayers wrong.

Now, I do not mind anymore when somebody does not believe in me. Actually, I am collecting the negative feedback before I do anything. Those have the most extreme motivational impact on me. When people say that I will fail, then I have a strong desire to prove them wrong. I know that with hard work I succeed. I proved it already numerous time, therefore I nurtured a habit to trust myself and persevere until eventually success turns up.

It is maybe an obsession, but success is really a habit and it is my habit. But the most important of all is that my biggest desire is to make others' life better. For me the measure of success is exclusively depending on how much value I create for others.

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