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Do you live YOUR life?


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Istvan Szabo - Do you live YOUR life?


When I am strolling around out there in public places, in Prague, where I live, I always and everywhere see empty faces. Blank looks staring into nothingness combined with a slightly sad facial expression. Low energy, tiredness, and they do not even realize if I give them a friendly smile. They are not conscious. They are tired, but not physically. They get emotionally exhausted from doing something which does not give them any pleasure. Something which does not connect them with their inner desires. They do not live their own life. They are prisoners of a body and mind which executes a life for someone else’s benefit.

I have a firm conviction that everybody has a purpose in life. Our most important mission should be to find this purpose  (The hero in you 2:17). This is more important than having a career, a family, a car or a house. It is even more important than being healthy or even alive. It is the ultimate peak of our life, the final aim and the highest possible goal what we can achieve. Everything else is merely a pillar that supports the bridge that leads into self-realization. Until we have not found this majestic goal, we cannot be entirely happy (Do what you love 2:00).

Finding our true mission is not an easy task. Our parents rarely speak about it, we do not learn this in school, we do not hear about it at work and the social media is also usually busy with everything else. Our modern world is more eager to try to force a false identity on you. But you are special. You are marvelous. You have to find what makes you different (What makes you special – Mariana Atencio, TED speech).

It is a good way towards self-realization to try new things, learn and continuously challenge yourself. The most important of everything, however, is to be conscious, spend as much time in the present moment as possible, consciously, concentrating on your present activities. This moment is where life is going on, here and now (Peaceful warrior motivation).

The CHS Test® is an online tool where you can develop a daily habit from consciousness. During the practice, you have to regularly evaluate different aspects of your consciousness. This regular evaluation forces your attention to your surrounding and to the activities what you are doing in every given moment. Its regular usage deeply connects your personality with the source, where our life mission is rooted. This connection results in a long term, healthy self-confidence and happiness. Get ready to the journey, fasten your seatbelt and watch the best movie of your life: It is about YOU!

The CHS Test is an online personal development program. It helps you to connect to your inner self, to explore your life purpose and to recognize opportunities around you which may create your own reality. CHS Test does all this by helping you to build a habit from conscious lifestyle. After your registration, you can personalize your own test, progress on physical, emotional and mental levels and eventually you will receive an evaluation from us with further guidance. Start your self-development here.

It is just a few steps to your more mindful life. Get ready for the epic journey into yourself with this top rated, unique mindfulness tool. We do not share your information with third parties without your consent. Your test is 100% confidential. All feedback and guidance are created by our evaluation-software. Personal advice is only available at VIP registration.
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