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Dare to live!


Photo by SamuelFrancisJohnson on Pixabay


Istvan Szabo - Dare to live!


Are you among those who tend to give up after their first tries don’t bring success? Do you keep your dream alive in your heart or you are like most people who forget about it when they leave school, start to work and they set up a family? All of us makes a huge effort to learn how to walk and talk. After that however many of us don’t settle for further pain to learn how to use our wings to fly. People get a boss, bump upon some difficulties and get squeezed by a full-time schedule to earn money just for survival. They don’t take the extra effort to develop the muscles of those wings which would take them to the heavenly heights. People are taught by life to give up their dreams. They just live to support their biological needs for themselves and for their family. They are like those chickens in the farms which never use their wings and they are extremely exploited by a few more powerful ones.

Most kids have huge dreams, and most adults just laugh, and they scorn you if you face them with your dream. Why is that huge difference between just a few decades? What goes wrong? Or should we simply accept that life is nothing more than having job, few material objects, a wife, two kinds, then die? Mr. Maslow would shake his head. Why the nurturing of the family and our biological needs takes over all the control in our lives after a certain age? My experience is that because the first try is always poised to fail. Many people pursue their dream and they believe in it until they hit the ground a few times, then they quit. They blame their talent, bad luck or the circumstances that are not good enough to compete with the temptation of a cheap entertainment suffocating the consciousness. We all know the typical excuses like money, parents, time, bad luck, series on Netflix or too much Facebook; Or the most dangerous word on the world: but. Yes, but not now, I’ll start tomorrow or after my children grow up, or on my vacation or when I’m fired, or when I get a job.

Let’s face the truth: achieving dreams is hard but not to achieve them is even harder. It’s always safe to keep a boat in the harbor but it’s not what it’s built for, and I guarantee that the boat will get older faster in the harbor than on the water. Therefore, the only option is to go out to the world of risk, danger and fail, because that’s what we are built for, and that’s how we can grow our wings to fly up to the sky to reach our dreams. If a bird dies once, it may be a chicken or even an eagle, but it’s just a damn bird. If the bird dies and resurrects again from its ashes, it’s not a bird anymore, it’s a legend.

Don’t let your mind kill your calling after the first fall. The phoenix is meant to die to resurrect stronger. The first tries of creating something has to die to create ashes to nurture the ever-stronger creature which deem to resurrect always…unless we let our mind to cement the calling of it, and we replace it with cheap material goals. They are nothing else than sandcastles. At any time be ready to lose everything. The only justification that a dream is a true is that it’s able to resurrect from its ashes and return to life from hell. If you don’t feel that your calling becomes stronger after a fail, it only means that you pursued something wrong, so it’s better not to waste more time with it. Never be afraid to give everything to feed your dream, even if it dies and even if you fail hard. Your true dream never dies, only your fear and your ego can die. When we get rid of those unnecessary layers, we become the strongest versions of ourselves. A superhero that we always wanted to be, one which is much more powerful than those guys in the TV. Don’t be afraid to fail or to take on conflicts! You are meant to be wonderful!


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