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Be careful, dreams come true!


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Istvan Szabo - Be careful, dreams come true!


The title is contradictory – intentionally. If it is a dream, why should we be worried that it comes true? Eventually we preserve dreams in our hearts with the hope that they come true. The issue is that usually they come true after they are long forgotten. So, when they arrive, we look at them with large, angry eyes, wondering who the heck ordered them. Imagine that you order a book from Amazon then it does not arrive according to your expectation. You would first ask the customer service, then complain, eventually curse them, choose something else and forget the issue. Now imagine that a beautiful Sunday morning – 15 years later – UPC sends you a message that your delivery arrives today afternoon between 2 and 4 pm. What would you say? Exactly…”I haven't the faintest clue about it, and surely I did not order anything.”

Look at your life! Are you not exactly where you wanted to be 10-15 years ago? I bet you are, furthermore, your destiny gave you even more than what you wished for. Still you are not entirely happy, because in the meantime you raised your standard, changed direction and long forgotten that small child with teary eyes who naively longed for a beautiful world.

Looking at the hysterically rushing and fading days, some of them may and will be awfully far from your dream. These days will force you to reconsider your dream and trade it with cheaper, more easily-available dreams. I promise you however that whatever happens, eventually the journey leads exactly to the point where you want to be. If you do not like, there is no one to blame.

If you are happy now, keep dreaming forward and take this post as an affirmation. If you are not, there are certain ways to achieve your dream life in the next 10-15 years. “What? 10-15 years?” Yes, the 10-15 years period is unfortunately the time required to make significant, well grounded changes in our life. The problem with the current society is that everybody wants everything immediately and people forget the wisdom taught for thousand of years, that reaching goals require persistence. However, it is as much true nowadays as ever before. Trees do not grow quicker towards the sun, seasons are not shorter, and a life also does not run faster since the discovery of the Internet. If a tree would grow one day to the left, then right, then a little up, it would never reach the sun because its mates would grow faster. Its only chance is to grow upwards, every day, every second, for decades.

Be sure that you reach your dream but dream big and walk all the way, no matter how long it takes. What is a big dream? A big house, a nice partner, good career, family or money are not good examples. Those are tangible things, and material things connected to happiness always expose life to an excessive vulnerability. A big dream should be something rooted in one’s soul directly. Maybe it is something which whispers into our ear for many years. Most of them are not connected to personal well-being but something beyond, that makes our milieu (tighter or wider) happier. We should not thus strive for a big car or a big house but should understand why we would like those objects. For the appreciation, respect or love of others? Or to fill a gap in our self-confidence? Or because we fear of loosing control of life if we do not surround ourselves with glamorous objects? Those are the real questions to solve before we set off reaching our dreams. Therefore, my humble suggestion to every dream-chaser is to first understand their own inherent nature. It always helps reading books, going to courses, making personalized horoscope, consulting with a specialist, doing meditation or just simply being conscious and focused continuously. Life will eventually disentangle your dream if you stay conscious all the time.

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