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About the Stability of Happiness

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Istvan Szabo - About the Stability of Happiness


They say that more than 10,000 suicides are tied to the 2008 financial crisis. Those are only the cases above the “normal” rates. Most of the suicides appeared in developed countries, often among bankers, brokers, traders or those who lost a lot of money. The less developed countries were impacted less by the financial crisis.

People who lost a fortune and committed suicide might still had much more than many of their peers who had always been poor, but they never thought of suicide. In the United States 40% of the population owns only the 1% of the total wealth. Globally this rate is even more extreme.

The linkage between happiness and money is very disputed. Still I believe that in countries where there is a base for comparison, in other words there are poor and rich people, those who have more are happier in general. In effect I do not intend to write about the positive benefits of the money, however the above described situation put a bug into my ear and it helped me to understand a much more general phenomenon: We do not feel happiness when our mood is constantly elevated, but when it increases. Similarly, we do not feel broken when our mood is down, but when it decreases.

For this reason, our main strive should be to try to avoid significant drops in our happiness. Keeping happiness on the same level is always a better option even if that level is lower than letting it to graviate into a deep hole. If our happiness gets too high without making sure that we have all the tools to safely keep it elevated, it may also be dangerous. CHS Test® is an online self-development tool which helps you understand the reasons why your happiness can increase or decrease. With this tool, in a freely chosen period you have the chance to evaluate your happiness, self-confidence and consciousness. Like in a diary, you can add your daily comments and successes to remember later the reasons which moved your mood. You can also follow the changes on charts where your comments are pinned to your values on certain days. When your test period is over, you receive an evaluation, further recommendations and materials to your personal development.

The prime benefit of the regular usage of the CHS Test® is that you can develop a disciplined, conscious lifestyle, whereas you learn to control your own happiness and self-confidence much better than before.

The CHS Test is an online personal development program. It helps you to connect to your inner self, to explore your life purpose and to recognize opportunities around you which may create your own reality. CHS Test does all this by helping you to build a habit from conscious lifestyle. After your registration, you can personalize your own test, progress on physical, emotional and mental levels and eventually you will receive an evaluation from us with further guidance. Start your self-development here.

It is just a few steps to your more mindful life. Get ready for the epic journey into yourself with this top rated, unique mindfulness tool. We do not share your information with third parties without your consent. Your test is 100% confidential. All feedback and guidance are created by our evaluation-software. Personal advice is only available at VIP registration.
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