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What stays there for you if everything is lost?


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Istvan Szabo - What stays there for you if everything is lost?


There are always periods in our lives when things do not go according to our expectations. A relationship does not work out, an investment fails, or a former dream job ends up like a nightmare in a coal mine. In these periods we might think that we are unlucky or maybe our destiny conspires against us. In the matter of fact, it could not be further from the reality, and I will tell you why if you stay with me till the end of this post.

Imagine a situation in your life when something went really badly wrong. Something which was maybe connected with a huge loss or pain. It may be difficult even to recall those past experiences because the thoughts may be contaminated with many negative emotions most of all with fear and anger. Still try to do it, and as much as possible stay objective and observe the circumstances as if it would have happened with someone else. Ask yourself: What happened? What did you feel? Why did it hurt you? How did you eventually pass the situation?

In most of these cases – may it be any kind of situation which can go wrong – the process is the following: #1 You have something, let it be a material object, a person, a service or a non-factual thing ; #2 Loss of that given thing and deteriorating mood; #3 Reaching the bottom of the pit; #4 Improving mood; #5 Replacement/correction of the original item, and reaching a new local maximum in our mood.

The point #3 is an extremely important key part of the process. This point is similar to that phenomena when a rubber ball reaches the ground and bounces. The most important feature of this point is however that this is the break-even point when you meet your true-self. On true-self I mean something that is beyond our body, emotions and thoughts that we can call consciousness, soul, Ego or god. This is what whispers to us on lonely nights and when things are not going well. When we happen to be over the moon from happiness, then the noise of your own elevated emotions and thoughts will inhibit the fable voice coming from our deepest self and we cannot hear it.

Therefore, if something is not going well, do not try to escape the situation. Whatever happens, you will reach the break-even and you will bounce back. Those painful situations however may happen with a reason. Your true-self might have a message for you. If you do not hear the voice or do not understand, then maybe similar situations will happen until the message gets delivered. And it gets delivered, because destiny is not like a post office: The messages cannot be returned to the sender. Therefore, if you go through the process as consciously as you can, it will never repeat again. Remember, whatever happens in your life, you can count with point #3. It may take a month, a year or decades but eventually there will be one beautiful day when the sun will shine again in your soul if you let it.

As I anticipated, the answer to the question – What stays there for you if everything is lost? – is that YOU stay. You can lose all your wealth, family, friends, your health and even your mind…but you can never lose yourself. Every lost item brings you closer to your deepest self. Do not be scared to face yourself sometimes!

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