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Erik Jikes - My Tragicomic Experience



Erik Jikes - My Tragicomic Experience


I came from an average background, and of course, it was a bit challenging to grow up and graduate from school. I graduated from university a few years ago; I studied Chemical Engineering; although I always would have loved to study Business Management at University because I had the ambition since childhood to become a business tycoon when I grow up. My dream was overwhelmed by my parents’ plan for me, they wanted me to become an engineer.

My plan after graduation was to establish the basis of my business; it was the only way to be happy with myself because it meant a lot to me. I sent several proposals to different organizations hoping that I would be taken at least as an assistant but all my attempts failed.  I was frustrated and discouraged to actualize my dream to become an entrepreteur. Is this how I will keep going? By discouraging myself in every difficult situations? I asked myself. I started nurturing my plan since I was in my first year at university and I always believed the result would be positive and progressive. My God, I hated working under a boss, but with the situation at hand, I had to search for jobs. I finally found a job after a few months of searching as a cashier in a small firm. The job wasn’t entertaining to me, and the pay was small. I just had to stick to it while I continued searching for a better offer elsewhere.

Getting a good job in a country where employment is mostly given to ladies was not easy. It would sound better and more reasonable if these ladies were the most efficient and reliable for these jobs, but it was the other way around here in my country. Most of the employers hire them bacuase they are selfish and have romantic attractions. After a year of searching, finally, I gave up, and started to devote my best to the job I had at hand. Though it didn’t change the fact that I was not comfortable with the job. I worked every day of the week from 8am to 2pm, and I also did some hourly jobs online as a freelancer to keep myself up.

On a Tuesday morning, heavy with apathy, I reluctantly prepared for work. At the bus stop, I was listening Ed Sheeran’s song (How Would You Feel) with my “beatz by dre headset” while waiting for the commercial bus to convey me to work. I enjoyed the strings from the guitar and the lyrics of the song and was unconscious of what was happening around me. Suddenly I saw people shouting, as I turned back to check why people were screaming, I saw a car running directly towards me, I thought it had a brake failure, and before I could try to escape from being hit, I was already down to the ground. That was all I remembered until after 3days in the hospital when I got back my consciousness. I felt bad and blamed myself because my carelessness had cost me this. The car driver was nowhere to be found at that moment as he left after he dropped me in a nearby local hospital where I was receiving treatment. The hospital sent me to another special hospital, where my adequate treatment was done. It was just as if I was asleep for a long time when I finally opened my eyes. I could feel the pain all over me; it was too much for me to bear. My left ear was stitched, my face was full of bruises, I couldn’t stand upright. I was in the hospital for a while, and during this period, the car driver was always there to pay for my needs. He introduced himself as Mr. Ige, and he was sorry for everything he caused me. Friends, family members, and my beautiful girlfriend were always around to cheer me up. It helped me to recover quickly. 

After three weeks in the hospital, I was ready to be discharged since I could finally stand on my feet, I thought about my life, my boring job and the possible ways how to move on. I bemoaned the fact that I cannot understand my own life. I failed to carry out the things I wanted to do to be happy because I was poor, and I found myself doing the things I hated. Later in the evening, I was discharged; Mr. Ige was around since he was told when I was to be discharged. He paid my hospital bill, and he took me home. The next morning, I woke up feeling thankful to God for sparing my life. Mr. Ige visited me often in order to ensure that I was recovering quickly. He said a lot about himself; he told me what he does for a living; he was the managing director of a big wine company in Nigeria. After he listened to my story, he offered to assist me, and this was how my journey began, how my dream started to come true.

The experience was brutal and deadly, however it helped me to actualize my dreams. It made me believe that every set down is a blessing in disguise. I am happier since I am in the business, and I have been enjoying every bit of my life. At the moment I am a grinning man living well in Nigeria as a young business man and a freelancer. 

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