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Enitan Adedeji - Narrow Escape


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Enitan Adedeji - Narrow Escape


I believe if you have strong will not to do something, there is a way you'll eventually escape from it.

This story happened 14 years ago, being very young then, focused and energetic 18 year old girl. I easily made friends with anyone I happened to meet. I just finished my secondary school (college) when I started living with my uncle and his family. Fortunately for me, I met one of my school mates who happened to live close to my uncle's house. I was so happy I had someone I can go to visit. This lady had an elder brother; he was around 25-27 years old. Unknown to me, this guy had been noticing me. So he told his younger sister who happened to be my close friend, to ask me for a visit to their house. My friend knew I would be the only one at home at that time so she knew I wouldn't hesitate to come over, even if my uncle wouldn’t allow me to go out if he would have been around. When I got there I met her elder brother at the entrance of their house and my so called friend was nowhere to be found. The guy confessed that he was the one who asked her to call me; he just wanted to see me and show me how much he loves me.

“Love me? You never even asked me on a date, don’t say you love me!" I replied. Then I became afraid of this huge, tall, dark and handsome guy. At that time, his handsomeness turned to beast in my eyes because I was irritated by the things he said. Being a new face in that area, I thought he was joking, not knowing that he does that often with young girls. As I was about to make a U-turn to go back to my house, he just grabbed my arm and started dragging me, not into their house, but his neighbor’s house who happened to be his friend.

It was like a film trick. I heard of rape scenarios before but I had no idea how it really looks like. And there, I was not only a witness; it was about to happen to me. He successfully dragged me into his friend's place. I thought his friend would be my savior but no, birds of same feathers. He excused us and went to stay outside. I did not know what to do, I started preaching to him. “Do you know God loves you? He doesn't like fornicator; in fact if you want to date me my answer is yes I do." All sort of nonsense things I didn't think of. “Forget, don't worry, after I'm done with you, I will repent." - he said. Only then, it dawned on me that this guy really meant what he said.

I started asking for wisdom from God about how to escape from the hostage. Then I asked him if I could get a drink. I thought I could be able to escape if he agrees to buy me the drink. He quickly went out and I, not knowing he had instructed his body guard (his friend) not to allow me escape, jumped out too. On getting outside, I met his friend. He said he wouldn't allow me to leave, before I could say anything, this guy had returned and dragged me back inside. I was so afraid. I started begging him. I didn't know he got some condoms as well when he went for the drink. He said I should take the drink to have more strength. So I took the drink despite the fact that I was filled.

From the living room, he carried me into one of the bedrooms. Then I realized I was doomed for good. I asked for another drink, but this time water. He escorted me to the kitchen and I drank a full big glass of water. This time, my stomach had started "dancing". I begged and begged, but he wouldn't listen. Then I just let God's hand to take control.

He carried me back to the bedroom. I saw an empty bottle on the floor and I thought: “Should I use this bottle on him? Oh no! I don't want to kill someone." As he turned to the wall to put his condom on his penis, I told myself, "May be I should try and escape. God help me." Gently and slowly, I packed my sandals and ran with my last breath to the living room then out of the house. Fortunately for me, the body guard had left. I started shouting for help. I didn't stop running until I got home. I entered and locked up myself in my room.

As I was shouting, he was shouting my name as well. He was broken and disappointed. Later he came back to my house and started knocking on our door. Of course I refused to open the door for him. He was telling me he loved me, through the window. He begged me to come back because his hormone is high already. "You want me to come back to be raped? Never! I love you too, sir." I replied. I was nervous on that day. I never told this to my parents or my uncle. I just kept it to myself and became more vigilant. It's one of my biggest lessons in life I can never forget.


Could this be love or lust? That was the last time I visited my so called friend.

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