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Carol Brown - HIV/AIDS, I am completely healed now for over ten year



Carol Brown - HIV/AIDS, I am completely healed now for over ten year


The biggest miracle one can get in life is receiving Jesus in their lives. This article clearly outlines the healing power of God and His handy-work. Accepting Jesus as your Saviour is the only thing that has eternal value. Many people do not believe in the healing power of God, but this article is here as a testimony that God’s power moves in an extraordinary way in His people.

Carol Healed!

Carol is a woman of great faith. A woman who prays zealously-on her knees. A woman who cherishes the Gospel and the word of God. A humble lady. A holy woman. A woman redeemed…but Carol wasn’t this kind of a female before.

If you met her, you would never guess the path this woman’s travelled down. You would never believe that, years ago, Carol indulged in heavy boozing and careless sleeping with men of any kind. A lifestyle that led her to her darkest time of her life.

In the year 1998, Carol tested positive for HIV. At first she did not believe everything was true, so she was tested again and again-4 times. Three out of the four tests reflected similar results: HIV positive. After a short period, her husband left their home leaving her with their three young children. She had to care for them, alone. As years passed, Carol’s health increasingly deteriorated. As a result of her worsened immune system, she faced many bouts with malaria and at the same time an 8-month period of fighting tuberculosis. The deterioration of her body brought her extremely close to developing AIDS.

According to Carol, sometimes hardships and challenging issues bring us on our knees to God, Who we try very hard to deny. To God, we opt to find in the things of the natural world, like alcohol, sex and money. HIV brought Carol face to face with Jesus. In the year 2004, she gave her life to Him- accepting God’s gift of grace.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made strong in your weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:9

After four years of praying for miracle – praying that God would heal her – in 2008, Carol together with a friend went to the hospital for another blood test. This time round, she tested negative for HIV. After 10 years fighting the health, psychological, physical and social effects of HIV-it was no more. Just like that.

According to Carol, Not even the best countries in the world have the cure for HIV. You don’t just do away with the infection. The only explanation for what happened to me is that the finger of God healed me.

God answers prayers. Up to now, He still heals. His spirit continues to move mightily with His congregation.  The prayers of the righteous people are still powerful and grow to be more and more powerful. (James 5:17) - No matter how sordid your past has been.

In the year 2011, Carol was tested again, and the test results affirmed that she was negative for HIV. Praise God for His healing and his power that is mighty. There is no doubt that Carol’s faith made her well. God offers redemption to all in the world, those that seeks His kingdom and His righteousness first. 

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