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conscioussness "Find your physical, emotional and mental balance!"

04-11-2018 21:44A giant effort and a small step..but f* yeah, another milestone is killed!!

Every time when I publish a book, a huge dose of endorphin is released. It is nothing about perversion, it is just a kind of art...a kind of obsession.
14-10-2018 21:50We are not a book company...but now we are...just a little bit

New books are coming, but that is not everything.
27-09-2018 08:32Joe and the Fish arrived in paperback

Another book has arrived in paperback version. Amazing quality and extremely rewarding feeling to hold it in my hand. Click this article and see where you can get yours.

conscioussness "Happiness and self-confidence improves your life quality"

How does it work?


The CHS test® is an online self-development tool and a psychological test in one. The self-development feature is activated while you progress with your test – right after this configuration. After your test is completed, you receive an evaluation, as happens with psychological tests. It is a detailed and personal feedback about yourself. As opposed to normal psychological tests, the CHS test® is extended in time. In this part - in the configuration - you can set the length of your test, the frequency of your daily inputs, and you can also add alarms. Then you can pick from our 54 predefined and clearly explained goals, or you can add your own. Completing the setup is easy, and you will be provided with explanations at each step on what you need to do.

The CHS test® is unique because it is extended in time. You add your inputs daily as many times and for as long as you defined in your configuration. The minimum test length is 7 days, and the maximum is 31 days. During the test you evaluate your happiness, self-confidence, and consciousness. You also follow up on your predefined goals, and give feedback about your physical, emotional, and mental focus. This is an extremely important part in collecting all the information about you for your personal evaluation. This essential part contains the following benefits:

  • By repetition, it transforms your activities into habits;
  • It fosters awareness at physical, emotional, and mental levels;
  • By creating habits from awareness, at whatever level you are, it improves your life-quality;

While doing the test, think over your state of mind regularly during the day for the most accurate results. This process may be uncomfortable, and you may not see immediate results at the beginning. Similar to meditation, the result comes at the end, so do not stop the test before completion. You will see the benefits only after you manage to finish a complete cycle, and you receive your evaluation. You will find all the descriptions and guidance to support a perfect experience and a safe ride.

The last step of the CHS test® is your evaluation. Whenever you reach the end of your configured test, the test automatically changes its status to finished, and you will see your evaluation. You can see here the progress of your happiness, self-confidence, and consciousness. Beyond that, you can also see a detailed analysis about your focus, the progress on your goals, and your most vs. your least effective days. It is all tailor-made; it is entirely and solely based on your inputs during the test. Your evaluation includes charts, and texts as well. It gives you very detailed feedback about your performance; highlights what you did well, and what can you improve. It also gives you recommendations, based on your results, on how can you further improve, and what the next steps are to further enhance your life quality, and to reach your dreams. Beyond that, you also receive access to support materials where you can read about further practices which guide you onward from whatever level you are at the moment.

conscioussness "Consciously choosing your habits will lead you to a better life"


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conscioussness "Reach your dreams!"

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